Saturday, February 18, 2012

On Thursday, February 16, President Allen shared a message with the faculty including the following paragraph:

Academic and non-academic programs, support services, and outsourcing opportunities are being reviewed.  Malcolm Price Lab School, the UNI Museum, Panther Athletics and UNI Print Services are included in this review.  We will announce academic program mergers and closures.  The academic programs are those with low enrollment and few graduates.  Students enrolled in those programs will be allowed to finish their programs.

The Courier's article on anticipated program cuts can be found at:

While our contract does not permit United Faculty to negotiate curricular changes or program closures other than those that involve lay-offs, these can and should be discussed by the Faculty Senate.  The administration is required to meet with United Faculty to negotiate a definition of what a program is if the administration intends to lay-off tenured faculty members.  It has met with UF three times to discuss this definition.  We recognize that most faculty teach in more than one program and even when one program is closed, teaching in another program ought to preserve a faculty member's position.  Moreover, protecting the core mission of the university, its academic mission and faculty, is our highest priority.   We have and will continue to insist on these positions.
United Faculty would like to provide a forum for faculty to discuss these proposed program closures, their implications for UNI's mission, and our appropriate response.  Please consider adding here to these on-going discussions.